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Do you brush your teeth?
Yes, twice a day!
Do you floss? 
Not as often as I should.
Why people rarely forget to brush their teeth? Why is it so tough to remember to floss? The answer is simple, brushing is easy, but flossing can be icky and awkward. Do you ever dream one day flossing can be as easy as brushing? With the innovative product Floss Fun brought to you by ZAELLAB, flossing is as EASY as brushing!


Floss Fun Starter Kit includes:
  • 1 Handle 
  • 60 Disposable Heads in a Hygienic Storage Container. 

Our innovative flosser comes with the following features:

  • Ideal for people who find traditional flossing difficult and for kids oral care. It will take your flossing experience to a whole new level: 360° floss with one hand!
  • The optimized and patent 135° angle between head and handle makes it super easy to clean both front and back teeth.
  • Ergonomic design body-shape handle results in a power and precision grip
  • Long handle design for easy access to all areas of the mouth
  • Disposable head design with the innovative interface between head and handle enables effortless snap on/off the head
  • The depth of head is optimized to allow a thorough clean under the gum line
  • Strong, silky-smooth and shred-resistant texture string slides more easily in tight spaces
  • The stretchy string grabs up to 2x more plaque

Product evolution is very similar to human evolution. Human are continuing to evolve to adapt to the environment; Product also needs to continue evolving physically in order to better serve its function.


ZAELLAB's innovative product Floss Fun is the 4th generation flosser on the market. It takes your flossing experience to a whole new level: 360° floss with one hand!

The G1 flosser is nothing but a cord of thin filaments. It is quite challenging to use as it is not only a two-handed task, but requires a high level of dexterity . Even though most people will eventually develop the ability to floss on their own around the age of 10, it is not unusual to still feel awkward when floss the back teeth with G1.
The G2 flosser evolves to a F-Shaped floss pick. It enables people to floss teeth with just one hand. It is easy to use compared with G1, however it has some design flaws. a) The flimsy handle is too easy to be bent, difficult to grasp, and its length is not long enough to easily reach the back teeth; b) The head of the pick is often shallow, which limits its ability to reach below the gum line; c) When cleans the back teeth, due to its F-Shape, it may twist your teeth and can not clean all the way around each tooth.
The G3 and beyond generation flossers are designed in Y-shape and angled. The handle is improved for better grip and easy access to the front teeth as well as to the back teeth. The head of the flosser is disposable and its depth is relative deeper compared with G2, which allows a thorough clean under the gum line. In addition, the head also feature a lateral flexibility that enables the floss to hug the sides of the teeth in parallel without the danger of twisting the teeth.



ZAELLAB's innovative product Floss Fun is the 4th generation flosser on the market. It takes your flossing experience to a whole new level: 360° floss with one hand! Here is a head-to-head comparison of G4 vs G3 on the essential features, take a look to see which one will be the best choice for your teeth, your call...


The key difference between G3 and G4 string is its tightness. G3 has a stiff string, and G4 has a stretchy string. G4 reduces the tension of the string on purpose by increasing its length by ~7%. This innovative approach makes it possible to curve the string into a C shape against each tooth when flossing. Compared with G3 stiff string, the G4 stretchy string grabs up to 2x more plaque. In addition, the G4 floss thread is made from Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) to ensure a strong, ultra thin, silky-smooth and shred-resistant texture, which is gentle to the teeth and more easily to slide in tight spaces between teeth.



The angle between the head and handle evolves from 90° (G3) to 135° (G4). The motivation behind this is when the head is moved up and down against each tooth, with 90°, it is not uncommon to hit the tooth on the opposite side. This becomes almost unavoidable when cleaning the back teeth. The optimized and patent 135° angle naturally minimize the effect of this problem and make it super easy to clean both front and back teeth.



Both G3 and G4 have disposable head design, however the effort taken to snap off the head is dramatically different. For G3, you need to place the head on a hard surface and press down hard on the neck of handle to snap off. It is not only inconvenient but a unsanitary habit by leaving residuals from the head on the hard surface.

In contrast, for G4, snap on/off the head is effortless. As illustrated by the cartoon, simply push the head center with your thumb until you hear a "click" to snap in place, and to snap off, just press the tail of the head with your thumb gently to release.



The handle evolves from a semi-2D flattened design (G3) to a semi-cylindrical-3D design (G4), resulting in a power grip and more accurately and comfortably manipulation of the head. The innovative handle design mimic female body shape, having "hips" and "shoulders" wider such that the fingers can bunch firmly around the middle of the handle and overlap by the thumb. The ergonomic design also makes it comfortable for both right/left hand flossing. In addition, the whole handle is thickened centrally enough to separate the finger-tips from the palm resulting in a power as well as precision grip.





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